MYTHShadow Searching

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May this Myth endure...
Through those words of yours.


And so I gazed at the sky.
A sky with no tomorrow.
A place where everything had already reached its end.
I was all alone.


I was determined to stand up against it.
And so I turned and muttered...

"Being of Light."
"Step through that door..."
"And return to me..."


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MYTH Chapter

In the distant future...
Was a world enveloped in light...
One without conflict or hatred. No shadows existed there, as though symbolizing that fact. A boy lived in that world.

The boy's name was Meito Tanabe. He happened upon a strange sight one day.
He met a girl with a shadow of her own: Shimon.
The girl's peculiar appearance, and a strange voice that seems to emerge from out of nowhere, leads him to step foot into the foreign land where she resides--the world of shadows.

A peaceful village filled with shadow beings.
And it was that village which would serve as the stage for their story.


Otherworld Chapter

A dark, dark room.
*Tick, tock*...
With the clock's every tick...
*Scritch, scrotch*...
Something would fit inside of my head.
I didn't know where that place was.
I didn't know who I was.

But I lived with my Mama there.
I didn't know how long we lived there together for.
All I knew was that...
When the stairs creaked...
And with the ticking of the clock in the background...

Mama would eat me.


Movement Chapter

The world always stayed the same.
Tokyo, 2016. A girl looked out the window on the upper floor of a high-rise building, her thoughts focused on that unchanging world.
The cruel, unrelenting passage of time carried her ever further away from "him", the man who existed solely in the past.

But her life continued, even if she was unable to come to grips with those days without him.
But what if there was a clear answer waiting to be found...
In those unforgettable memories she possessed?

It was all a haze.
But it was within that haze...
That she would reunite with "him".


Aguni --Beyond Fate--

Theurgy power controls this world.
A tale of two. The ruler protecting her people with her powers, Riri. And the oracle, Kiki.

Aguni was released in 2006 and serves as a side story to MYTH.

When all of the stories end, MYTH will have
"a single answer."

Character Biographies

"I... can't be you."

Meito Tanabe
The protagonist of the MYTH chapter. A student living in the world of light, where no conflict exists. He has no shadow. He begins to show an interest in shadows after meeting the girl who lives in the world of shadows, Shimon. He's searching for the true identity of the "mysterious voice" that he heard, which leads him to the village of shadows.

"Welcome to the world of shadows..."

She begins to help Meito search for the voice he heard after meeting him in the world of light. She's very carefree and not a quick-thinker, perhaps because she grew up in such a peaceful village. Her tendency to speak in a way that misses the point sometimes irritates Meito. Her hobby is writing.

"Lemme tell ya somethin'... I've already noticed it."

A girl Meito meets in the world of shadows's grassy plains. She suffers from memory loss. She's quite well-versed in dirty jokes and often teases Meito, something you might not expect considering her childish looks. She gets along very well with the chief of the shadow village given their mutual love of dirty jokes.

"Being prepared for the unexpected is all part of being a kitchen angel."

A woman Meito meets in the world of shadows's grassy plains. She suffers from memory loss. Although she's a bit of an airhead, she's quite wise and patient. Her cooking skills are unmatched, and she's also great with general housework. She calls herself the "kitchen angel".

"...The world didn't change. Not at all during those fourteen years."

Yuri Yamagami
A mysterious girl. She seems to be related to Meito somehow...

"...She said that the amusement park was too far away for me..."

A girl living in a desolate, gloomy house. She's usually very shy and taciturn, but sometimes she'll make surprisingly perceptive remarks. There are times when she'll begin to cry while using her catch-phrase "shuh". She gets along well with Sou, perhaps because of their similarity in age, and she's also very attached to Riri.

"Heh... It's only man's nature."

Village Chief
The village chief of the shadow village. Shimon lives in the villa that he's loaning to her. He's a perverted old geezer, but he possesses a heart of gold. There are times when his eccentric actions cause him to face Meito's wrath.

"Thanks for always looking after Hibiki."

A resident of the village of shadows. She's Shimon's neighbor. She lives together with her daughter, Hibiki. She's a voracious reader and has many books in her house.

"It's a secret to everybody. Can you keep a promise?"

A resident of the village of shadows. She's Kotomi's daughter. She loves her mother and Shimon. She begins to often play outside with Sou after they meet.


Event CG

MYTH Chapter Background "Village of Shadows (Evening)"
MYTH Chapter Background "Shimon's Home -- Veranda"
Otherworld Chapter Background "My Home"
Otherworld Chapter Background "My Room"
Movement Chapter Background "Tokyo Bar Association's First Hall"

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